Ref. Number : TA Q09.106/STST01


The Coin Edge collection is elegant and sport oriented and has been engineered with 100m water resistance.

As with all Tavannes timepieces, its graceful and elegant lines evoke purity of design and quality Swiss craftsmanship.


695.00 USD

  • filter_dramaFunctions
    Sweep second

    A hand marking seconds on a timepiece mounted concentrically with the other hands and read from the same dial as the minute hand.


    The simple Quantième display shows the date of the month. The movement does not take into account the number of days per month and you have to manually manage the months at 28, 29 or 30 days.


    A hand which tracks hours, it completes a full rotation in twelve hours.


    Date or number of each day contained in the month, displayed in a window on a watch dial typically at the 3 o clock or 6 o clock position.

    Stop second device and switch

    Function to stop second device and switch.


    A hand which tracks minutes, it completes a full rotation in sixty minutes.


    Battery End-of-Life display.

  • filter_drama Characteristics

    Stainless Steel

    Dial color



    Sapphire Crystal


    42 mm diameter


    10 ATM

  • filter_dramaMovement

    Q09 ETA F06.111

    Swiss Made Quartz movement with a standard autonomy of 68 to 94 months.

    Displays the date, hours, minutes and sweep second in the center.

    Power saving mechanism with pullled out stem.


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TA Q14.102/STST01

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TA Q09.106/2T2T01

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