- Key Dates -

1891 - Fondation

In 1891, a young, talented master watchmaker, Henri Frédéric Sandoz, founded the Tavannes Watch Company in a small Swiss village, Tavannes, in the Jura mountains. He and his partners, the Schwob Brothers who were rich fabric merchants, soon opened markets around the world, notably in Canada, Russia, Far East and United States.

Henri Frédéric Sandoz was an entrepreneur. His visits to American manufacturers inspired him, and he was the first to create machine tools exclusively for the Swiss watch industry. Tavannes became one of the most important watch company thanks to Sandoz’s engineering and watchmaking abilities.

In half a century the company built five factories in Switzerland and became the fourth largest watch manufacturer in the world. At that time, they employed over 3000 skilled watchmakers and produced over 4000 watches a day.

With hundreds of patents obtained in many countries, for mechanical and automatic time pieces, Tavannes was producing movements for most of the famous Swiss brands. Many of these innovations are still currently being used.

Today, Tavannes Watch Company draws its inspiration from its roots and history. It’s creations of today are as innovative as they were imagined in the past.

1917 - Submarine Commander

1928 - Belt-Watch

1930 - La Captive

1938 - 30 million watch sold

1943 - Watersport

1966 - Chronos Holding company

2008 - Rebirth

2016 - COSC certified